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How to Make An Adjustable (or "Magic") Ring

By Deb Richey

The difference between a Chain 2, 6sc in 2nd chain from hook and using an adjustable (or magic) ring is noticeable.

Here is what a chain 2 start typically looks like:

Peekaboo! I can see you!

And this is what the second round looks like if you use a magic or adjustable ring:

It is up to you on how to start your projects but just in case you want to know how to do the adjustable ring - here's a little tutorial!

Step 1:

Wrap the yarn around your finger twice:

Step 2:

Put your hook under the loops:

Step 3:

Pull up a loop:

Step 4:

Chain 1 to secure it:

Step 5:

Take your finger out of the hole unless you want it permanently in your project:

Step 6:

Work your first round:

Step 7:

Give it a gentle pull on the tail:

Step 8:

Move along to round 2 of your project - work over that tail to keep that hole from slipping out of place!

Give it another love tug after going about halfway round and you are on your way!

Move on to round 3 of your project!

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