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Big Bunny Foo Foo Crochet Amigurumi Rabbit Pattern

15" Tall, not including ears
22" tall, including ears when made with worsted weight yarn.

What happened when Little Bunny Foo Foo grew up? He got big!

This rascally rabbit works up quicker than you think and a big bunny is a more cuddly bunny!

Big Bunny Foo Foo is also available with his friendly Field Mouse in a money saving combo pack!

I get asked fairly often about what color yarns I used - My Big Bunny Foo Foo was made with Red Heart Super Saver Peruvian Print, Carrot and Off White. The yarn makes the wonderful striping patterns. There were no color changes used in making him.

This original CraftyDeb crochet amigurumi pattern is designed by Deb Richey.

Price: $3.98 USD

This item is in collection Animals.

Hi. My name is Foo Foo. I like long hops through the meadow where I search out and find mice and bop them on their heads.
Did someone say there was a mouse around here? I heard "mouse"!
This fabulous coat of mine was made possible without any color changes. Peruvian Print by Red Heart Super Saver was used for the main color of this guy.
Hello, baby....

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