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Plato the Stegosaurus Crochet Amigurumi Dinosaur Pattern

11" long

Rawr! This prehistoric dinosaur is ready to be loved, snuggled, battled with... whatever your future (or current) paleontologist wants to do! He may have been cold blooded but he is warm at heart!

Create a whole herd of Jurassic egg laying, leaf eating gentle giants - just don't make him mad or you might get spiked by that tail!

18mm safety eyes were used to make this amigurumi doll.

This original CraftyDeb crochet amigurumi pattern is designed by Deb Richey.

Price: $4.50 USD

This item is in collection Prehistoric.

Plato comes in two different finishes for a fun or more scientifically accurate interpretation!
Please note this is not crocheted to the exact size as an actual stegosaurus... It is only 11" long - not 30' long!

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