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Crochet Amigurumi Snake Pattern

22" long

Slither is unlike any crocheted snake pattern out there: he doesn't coil! He isn't just a straight stuffed, tapered tube. Slither just slithers!
Use a variegated yarn for a self patterning body!

Please note that this crochet pattern requires a lot of counting and therefore is not a beginner pattern. If you take it slow and use a row counter and a stitch marker you will be fine! I know you can do it!!

15mm cat safety eyes were used to make this amigurumi doll.

This original CraftyDeb crochet amigurumi pattern is designed with love by Deb Richey.

Price: $3.98 USD

This item is in collection Cold Blooded.

Use a variegated yarn for great self striping action!

Gallery of Greatness

Cynthia took it even another step forward and with a bit of fabric paint brought those eyes to life!
Cynthia's Slither is on the move! This is one of the many pictures sent in from what others have made with CraftyDeb.com patterns!

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