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Sunflower Crochet Amigurumi Flower Girl Pattern

13" tall, including petals when made with worsted weight yarn.

There is nothing like a tall, majestic sunflower in your garden. They stand there, towering over most everything not afraid of anything. They have spunk and just something pretty yet not delicate. Yes, I do love sunflowers!

This gal will brighten the day of any sunflower lover!

This cutie is part of the Weed in My Garden Series.

This original CraftyDeb crochet amigurumi pattern is designed by Deb Richey.

Price: $2.98 USD

This item is in collection People.

This item is in collection Nature.

Every little - or big - girl should have a sunflower to brighten their day!
Sunflower = happiness
Also available in a combo pack with Thistle and Painted Daisy

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